Leadership Team

Jack Fennell Co-Founder/President & Chief Executive Officer

Jack is one of the founders and has been the CEO of Boston Atlantic Technology since the company's inception. He is known for his active “hands on” role and unique skills in business development, international technical service, software engineering and project management at the company. Over the last 20 years of professional experience, he has developed a very deep and broad practical knowledge of software engineering, validation and quality assurance as it relates to medical device sub systems all the way to large distributed information management systems in laboratories and hospital facilities.

Prior to co-founding Boston Atlantic Technology, Jack has held executive positions in software engineering firms as well as being a senior individual contributor at large medical device and instrumentation companies.

Jack holds a combined degree, bachelors of science and arts in Business and Computer Science from Suffolk University.

John Uccello Co-founder/Executive VP and Chief Operating Officer

John is one of the founders of Boston Atlantic Technology and leads the company's Medical Device and Life Sciences business unit. In addition, he oversees the operation of the organization including business contracts, financial management and day to day facilities management.

Over the last 25 years John has gained in depth knowledge around the entire product development process for medical device and instrumentation including FDA compliance practices. He is an expert in embedded system design and is highly practiced in the art of project management of complex electronic systems from hand held to large electromechanical products.

In his past work he held an executive position in a software engineering consulting firm prior to founding Boston Atlantic Technology and several engineering management and technical contributor positions in electrical and software engineering at large corporations including Ciba Corning Diagnostics Corporation, GSI Lumonics, Fisher Scientific and Instrumentation Laboratory.

John has a Bachelors Degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Connecticut with a specialty in Biomedical Instrumentation. He holds a United States Patent Number 4,948,565 – Fisher Scientific.