Commercial Grade Dedication of Digital Equipment

Nuclear Power Industry

Commercial Grade Dedication of Digital EquipmentWith the renewed interest in nuclear power, many commercial digital equipment manufactures are turning their sights to the nuclear industry. According to the NRC regulations, all digital equipment used in a nuclear facility must be verified to meet the regulatory standards according to 10 CFR Part 50.

Verification and Validation of Digital Equipment

The level of verification and validation required for digital equipment is determined by the safety critical nature of the intended use. For digital equipment manufacturers who wish to comply with the 10 CFR Part 50 regulations the manufacturer must demonstrate that the equipment including the software has completed a rigorous and structured verification and validation effort.

BAT offers services related to the dedication digital equipment for the nuclear industry includes verification and validation, audits, reverse engineering, hazard analysis and code inspections.

  • Develop Verification & Validation Plans
  • Conduct Code and Design Reviews
  • Test Cases Development
  • Conduct Structured Testing of Digital Equipment
  • Participate in Hazard Analysis Activities: FMEA or FTA

Reverse Engineering

In cases where the component under test does not have adequate document, BAT can reverse engineer the existing source code to generate a software requirements specification to drive the testing efforts. BAT has experience generating clear and testable requirements from legacy and new digital equipment.